Scott County Life Saving & First Aid Crew, Inc.
50 YEARS    1958 - 2008  P.O. Box 1088   Gate City, VA  24251  

(276) 386 - 3571  
Our main office is located at 108 Park Street in Gate City, Virginia.  We also have a sub-station located at 113 Fourth Street in Dungannon, Virginia.

Our main office is a three story building located in the middle of Gate City.  On the main level we have a kitchen area, meeting room,  and restroom facalities with a shower.  Upstairs and downstairs serves as our living quarters.  Our Bingo hall is located just across the street from our main building and behind the bingo hall is our five bay garage for our ambulances and our building for the mule and the boats.  We keep four ambulances and a crash truck at our main office at all times.  Also across the road from our main building we have a parking lot where we keep one of our 4-wheel drive vehicles, a Chevrolet Venture van, and a Dodge Caravan.

Our sub-station in Dungannon has two bays for our ambulances and a living quarters with a kitchen, meeting area, and sleeping area.  We keep two ambulances, a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and a boat at our sub-station.

We belong to the Adopt A Highway program.  Usually once a year sometimes twice a year several members get together early on a Saturday morning and pick up trash along Jackson, Kane, and Jones Streets in Gate City.

We are a member of both the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) and the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads (TARS).

Our Board of Directors meeting is held the first Tuesday of each month.  Our regular Business meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month.  The third Tuesday of each month is our training class.

Due to most of our members having other jobs and limited funding, we were forced to start billing our patients in 2002 because the volunteers could not keep 24 hour coverage for our county and we had to employ personnel for this coverage.  We have four rotating twelve hour shift crews, two EMT's per truck.  

Today we have both paid employees and volunteer members.  We strive to provide quality care to the sick or injured citizens of Scott County 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

We also play bingo on Thursday and Saturday as an additional fundraiser.  Our bingo hall is located across the street from our crew hall and it's address is 115 Park Street.  Our bingo games start at 6:30 pm but we start selling cards at 5:00 pm.  All proceeds from bingo help support the operations of the crew and maintenance of our buildings and vehicles.

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